Sunday, December 2, 2018

Advent 2018 Day 2: What Is Starbucks And Philosophy?

A/N: I NEVER got a chance to do the 1-on-1 special coffee talk, but I have done it several times in a year. Attempts did made me stay busier and I was just wondering what to do next after college. I hope it is relationships since I have a self-employed business to run for five years straight and counting. I hope it would work out okay.
Originally written: 6/7/2017

Starbucks and Philosophy is
My life and personal opinions
compared to theirs with
sometimes the contrast
behind it in-depth
Why "Greetings" by Fall Equinox?!
How do I need to know
my old friend more
every week?
Just be prepared
by August 14 after camp

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Advent 2018 Day 1: Whitsun, A Poem

Originally written on: 6/2/2017

"Not the Whitsun day!"
cried a raven.
"The spiritual fire is
impossible to see clearly!"
"Nonsense. It's just the wind." the preacher corrected.
"You can hear it, but you
don't know where it's coming from."

Friday, November 23, 2018


Next week, be prepared for the 24-day advent calendar full of selected entries I would like to throwback on from four years earlier or less. Stay tuned!

Thursday, November 15, 2018


Uh, hello folks. Are you in yet?! This is me, Natalie Marrujo. Can you hear me? This blog is rebooting... just give me a second, please. *looks for physical journals on a crazy pile*
One hour later...
Hey, I found them. Now, this is a message from solely me and me alone to you: If you're listening to this, then the worst has happened... you need to know the truth. The signs of a new world order are not just coming, they already have for the past half-century. Welcome to the deep state, folks.
In my imaginary timeline, the deep state bureaucracy planned to shut down the research facility of a British college in the year 2012. They had successfully ceased all of the research and imprisoned all who know about you. Less than 9.5 years ago, the Black Comet returned. They plan to harness its powers to destroy this planet! The only way to stop them was to develop a way to use the very power they intended to use against them. It's up to YOU and only YOU can stop them! No, not you readers. You get yourself ready for the eye-opening account of my written life as in a redo over the OG 2013-14 school year when it was first established except... more detailed. Therefore, this is indeed very self-explanatory. A 24-day advent calendar of selected entries ranging from 2014 to now will be uploaded in the month of December, following by a new prologue on December 31. Remember: a new prologue was already written in another person's words, so I don't own anything that has to be written by someone else. All goes to its respectful owners. Two short stories coming soon...

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Counting Down Until The Journal Entries Are Exposed to the Public: Two Months Left

I haven't done as much media-like reviews as I was used to when the blog is back in its own heyday around the time Frozen was overrated. 18-year old me was like, "Duh, it's 2014, and I graduated from high school with my peers, so I know for sure I'm going to Bellevue College afterward." And now, look what happened after the events of June 13, 2014: I spent an entire gap year in high school still as a super senior student and I haven't technically got out of the government school system until June 16, 2015 when I finally came out of the IEP cult. 3 years into Bellevue College, and I have discovered myself to not look the same way again as it did back in high school. I am still trying to figure out about planning ahead of time outside the academic realm like going on the trips outside the house for as long as it stays local, and I'm staying in-country until marriage, so I could go to Canada on the honeymoon (told ya I had never been there alive, so I wasn't even born yet). Anyways, I came up with a plan to reveal what really happened over the last bit of summer and into autumn and up, so I have to call the red-violet flowery journal "Season 1". Five years has been a huge period of figuring things out until I have arranged things by volume. By the way, I have to throw in the pre-season bits here and there over the holiday season leading up to the real thing you have been concerned about what the heck is going on with my life as of right now. I was shamelessly self-promoted, but now I'll show you what real-life is actually like, so you will NEVER have to find it elsewhere whether it is in the TV shows or movies. If you dislike or hate reality television, please conduct yourselves and be mature like a total grown-up. Have an open mindset, not a closed mindset. 'Nuff said.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Update Time Coming Up...

I got a journal from Goodwill two and a half months ago and I am going to update them off-screen, so you don't have to read my entries for a very long time because... SPOILERS!!! These took place from the time I just finished The Indwelling up until now (I'm currently reading Sea-Wolf and watching 18 Kids and Counting Part 1) and still ongoing. I know Ms. Esselborn wrote the beginning bit (focuses on herself for around a year - originally written in the time I was at the abrupt end of elementary school until the time I was nearing the end of sixth grade in middle school, but this time it was from her perspective when she moved from 8th to 9th grade) and two short stories: 1. a DNF work (probably written at some point before she got tired of writing it) and 2. a finished headcanon fic (written on June 24, 2013) before she donated it. Newsflash: I NEVER read The Diary of Anne Frank, the Inkheart trilogy (the movie itself came out when I was in seventh grade, so it is a "did not see" before), and Twilight (it sucks since late 2005 at the time of first publication of the first volume; I was in fourth grade back then and still got a fond interest in the Sonic series at the time). Those are the list of works she had mentioned. Also, with the Transformers movie, I've seen the first and second ones when I was younger. I never got a chance to see the rest due to Michael Bay being credited big time. What a loser! Plus, I'd seen the TMNT 2014 film. It's a completely different story from the 2007 CGI version as a fifth grader. With the 2019 Sonic film coming on the way to the cinema, I'd better publish my fanfic I started at the end of 2013 on at the same day it was to be released. I'm expecting more comments since nothing worked out on deviantART, nor on Tumblr.

With consistency, I felt like I have an urge to successfully complete whatever I have started years ago like reading scriptures from cover to cover for the first time ever. Everyone, you should pick up where you have left off at, not start over from the beginning. See? Is restarting a big mistake to you? Here is the list of bookish series I have completed from earlier:
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians (2005-09; read over the second semester of sophomore year of high school in 2012)
  • If I Stay 2-Parter (2009-11; started in 2012 as a junior of high school, finished in 2014 as a 12th grader)
  • Stargirl (2000-07; started in 2013 as a junior of high school, finished in 2017 as an incoming 3rd-year student of Bellevue College)
  • Persepolis (2003-04; binge-read it in 2015 as a first-year student of Bellevue College)
And now, planning ahead of time. Note: these are all taken from Google Keep as I have listed out to be announced publicly.
  • Scott Pilgrim (mid-to-late 2000s; issue 4 and up)
  • Maximum Ride (2005-12, 2015; Episode 5: Waterwings and up)
  • Uglies (2005-08; Pretties and up) (to be in progress)
  • Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2001-11; Second Summer of Sisterhood and up) (to be in progress after Pretties)
  • The Selection (2012-16; The One and up)
  • The Chronicles of Narnia (1950s; Prince Caspian and up)
  • fairy tales (19th century - interpreted by Grimm and Andersen; sorta over halfway there?)
  • Middle-Earth franchise (do the LOTR trilogy (1954-55))
  • The Merlin trilogy (1998-2000; book 2 and 3 are up for Amazon)
  • Saga (2012-present; volume 8 is now up and running for rental usage)
  • Blood Rose Rebellion (2017-present; Lost Conspiracy is available for rent)
  • Left Behind (1995-2007; starting with The Remnant (volume #13 in chronological order) - hopefully will get the last quarter of the series all done by the end of 2018)
I may or may not slay the goals themselves because it depends on how much school workload I have to accomplish, thus delaying and denying the New Year's Resolutions until the end of every single school year where I spent the summers catching up with what I am currently reading and watching at the time plus goals to become the new me to work on. Being consistent is my 2018 goal, though it came around five and a half months too late ahead of schedule and it is better to finish yet...

A new block has just arrived... entries from the journal coming soon: January 1, 2019 (new updates, one entry everyday).

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

5 years later...

It has been half a decade since the blog is established. Let's celebrate the milestone with before and after facts. I an sorry this post is late for the upload due to the special sendoff vacation. And again, sorry for a month more than it is scheduled. Here are my five befores and five afters - one fact per year in each side - while on the blog:

I went to JHS as a twelfth grader
I am reading Moby Dick while reviewing several books in the warmer months.
I don't have many social media accounts.
I barely ordered online.
I am self-employed.

I am a fourth-year student at Bellevue College and trying to accomplish a college degree.
I am taking a break from reading due to homework and other situations to deal with.
I did not have Pinterest, Instagram, or snapchat.
I got some things from online - lots of books, yarn, two lipbalms and one set of magnetic bookmarks - yet I had an only "buy-online-pick-up-in-store" purchase: a textbook from the college bookstore.
I have a connections internship and still making up hours to be acceptable for academic internships by next spring.

That's all for a while. Thank you for reading and I can't wait to tell you in the next post. Bye!